My Story


Hi! Welcome to Khushey (my baby), a concept I've been dreaming about, building, and iterating on for years. Ever since I was a kid I remember being obsessed with Indian clothing, with colors, designs, and patterns that were an exhilarating shock to the senses. 

But all that gilt & glamour came at the price of itchy discomfort. At the end of our rambunctious parties, my female friends, family and I couldn't wait to take off our blouses made from heavy materials, that had embellishment piercing through the fabric and irritating the skin.

When I started looking online for comfortable Sari blouses that still looked nice, I came up short. That's when I decided to try making it myself - and it's how Khushey was born.

My preliminary 'test-the-water' launch is modest, in that it unveils a basic lineup that will pair freely with most traditional South Asian saris and lehengas.

Once I prove this concept and evaluate people's response (I hope you love it!), I have a number of designs in mind to add even more spice into your wardrobe in the future.

I welcome you to explore and experience my launch collection. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for being here!

A note about sustainability

While I was ultra-focused on comfort & aesthetics, all while bootstrapping this project, I'm hoping that with the support of my initial buyers I can invest in finding fabrics with the same beautiful look & feel, that are also sustainable. Whether using recycled fabric or eco-friendly materials, I'm committed to making this business ecologically sustainable in the long term.